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The Smart Wallet Every Token Issuer Needs to Access a Billion Everyday Investors

Features that Investors demand

Everlasting Smart Wallet

verified assets
wallet to wallet messaging
easy to use

Created Using the Latest Cryptography

Secure as Web 3.0
Simple as Web 2.0

We are the Everlasting Group, a team of experts with years of experience dedicated to revolutionising digital asset security and accessibility for Token Issuers and Everyday Investors.We build technology that safeguards digital assets without compromising ease-of-use, enabling Web3 businesses to serve Everyday Investors without the fear-of-loss.We are the nexus of security, cryptography, compliance and usability.

Protection that Issuers need


no developer required
deploy at scale
composable policies

Addressing the Needs of Everyday Investors

Protecting Investors

Empowering Token Issuers to Deliver

Empowering Issuers

About us

At Everlasting, we're passionate about transforming the way you manage your assets. We believe that asset ownership should be simple, secure, and accessible to everyone. Our team of experts, driven by a deep understanding of blockchain technology, is committed to bridging the gap between traditional and digital assets.Our mission is clear: empower everyday investors with a seamless and user-friendly smart wallet that redefines asset management. Transparency, security, and user-centric design are at the core of what we do. With Everlasting, you're in control of your financial future, and we're here to make that journey as effortless as possible.Join us in this exciting adventure to unlock a new era of asset management. Experience the future with Everlasting Smart Wallet..

Our Values


We constantly push the envelope of security to give our clients peace of mind that their assets are safe and under their control at all times.


We give our clients cutting-edge tools to make informed decisions based on verifiable information.


We build with eternity in mind, designing for continuity and legacy, to secure wealth across generations.


We believe technology should serve humanity, with simplicity and reliability.

Our founders

Luke Ryan - CEOAs a CPA with a background in multi-billion dollar M&A transactions and private debt funds, Luke knows how to balance High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) client expectations and regulatory compliance, ensuring a harmonious relationship between Token Issuers and Investors.

Paul Salisbury - CTOA crypto security veteran with extensive experience in launching stablecoins, crypto funds, exchanges, and tokens/protocols on Ethereum. His deep knowledge of smart contract auditing and cryptography positions us at the forefront of technology and user experience.

Growing together


Partnering with the best, we believe together, we're building a stronger and more secure future.

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